Leah E. Martin
Photography has been a passion of Leah's for over a decade. Her self portraiture and fine art approach to it, however, have only emerged in the last several years. As for many artists, Leah's art is very much so an outlet for self-expression. Her ideas are often birthed from personal experiences, literature, and music.
In 2018, she was discovered by designer Wesley Moon in New York, who immediately fell in love with her satirical "in machina" series and promptly requested to use it along with some of her charcoals in his design in the Kip's Bay Show House. 
Leah has also enjoyed painting and drawing in the the last year and is expanding her mediums as her art evolves. She is frequently in New York as she considers it her "home away from home". Her main studio is in Virginia. She spends times acting and modeling when she isn't in her studio.